Karma GUI (Graphics User Interface) is made to be simple, advanced and very user friendly, It is meant to work on Unix, Linux, and Windows based Machines. It is not yet developed to be installed currently due to lack of developers as it is currently just a plain image explaining the GUI, and providing simple features to the very cool GUI.

How it starts

Karma GUI is to be very simple but ease of use, I have encountered many issues with applications that have not worked correctly and are not user friendly. So I took the time to design a completely new and Beautiful GUI that will be very helpful toward people in need of a GUI that changes everything that makes things much more simple and quicker, and have advanced options for those who want to get into more detail. The designing process is slow at times but thats only because I'm figuring out how to make things much more easy and quicker for people.


Examples are Detailed images showing the features of the GUI


Application Installer

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